Please be sure to watch for Godwin Glacier Dog Sled Tours to be the opening show for the Travel Channel  "Wide Open Spaces Alaska". The footage of the glacier and aerial shots were all done from one of our helicopters and on our tour. We are very proud of tour and feel very passionate about showing the rest of America and the world our Alaska.

James Cork

Glacier Dog Sled Tours, Glacier Hikes, Helicopter Flightseeing, Seward, Alaska on the Kenai Peninsula and Overnight Stays.

The Oldest Glacier Dog Mushing operation and only Helicopter Dog Mushing operator in Seward, Alaska.

This Alaskan outdoor adventures tour does it all! Alaska helicopter glacier tours - flightseeing, a glacier landing, and a dog sled ride makes this triple adventure a unique and unforgettable experience and the highlight of any Alaskan adventure tours vacation.

Pristine beauty, majestic mountains and ancient glaciers are seemingly within arm's reach as you near your destination... the Godwin Glacier! A breathtaking view of Resurrection Bay and glacier-carved mountains unfold to this unspoiled wilderness, home to mountain goats, bears, moose and eagles that may be spotted along the way.

On the glacier, wait to share an essential part of Alaskan culture . . . Alaska dog mushing! Experienced guides explain that Seward, Alaska was the historical start of the famous Iditarod Sled Dog Trail. Hear unique personal accounts of their own Iditarod races and backcountry experiences. As they answer your questions you feel the excitement as the team is hooked up, then... you're off! Imagine yourself standing on the runners of a dog sled with a team of huskies loping across the ancient snowfield nestled among the peaks of the Chugach range. The lure of the trail and thrill of driving a dog team creates the ultimate Alaskan vacation!

“A must-see part of any Alaskan vacation”

“The best experience we've had in Alaska - so much fun - so beautiful and so majestic! We loved it!”

--- The Sterns
Lawrence, N.Y.

“Lived here since 1961 and thought I'd seen and done it all. This is an incredible addition to my 'favorite things I've done in my life' journal”

--- Kay Schaugaard
Anchorage, Alaska


Tours start at 8AM daily and depart every hour until 6PM from June 1st through September 1st. (Mother Nature cooperating of course!)
Your adventure begins at our Seward airport terminal where you arrive a half hour before tour departure. We do a gear check and safety briefing before take off to ensure you have the correct clothing for this great experience. Layers of fleece or other clothing are encouraged and hats and gloves are available for those without their own. Waterproof over boots are provided as well as rain gear if needed.
You depart in a state of the art Eurocopter AS350 Series which is designed for the best visibility for flightseeing on your way to the Godwin Glacier.
This is just the beginning of an incredible experience you'll never forget!

Come, let us show you the Ultimate Adventure on the Kenai Peninsula!

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Dog Sled Tour
Flightsee & Glacier Landing
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